Ricky believes that: 

  • V - Voting Rights
  • E - Early Voting
  • R - Registration; and 
  • B - Ballot Reform, are all critical elements of the quest for a more perfect Union. 

Enacting THE VERB ACT will be both symbolic and proactive in improving our elections. Therefore, Ricky believes in comprehensive electoral reform unlike any other, where all citizens are entitled to a series of inalienable voting and democratic rightsa VOTER'S BILL OF RIGHTS.

THE VERB ACT will establish (or further affirm) the following:

1) The unabridged right to vote, regardless of party affiliation, protected class, income level, or past criminal history.

  • Because all citizens should be able to participate in primary elections.
  • Because no citizen, upon completing their debt to society, should ever be denied the right to choose society's leaders.
  • Because no one should be made into a second-class citizen because they've been adjudicated.
  • Because no citizen should ever be abridged from voting on the basis of race, color, gender, ability, national origin, sexual identity/orientation, or genetic information. 
  • Because no citizen should ever be abridged from casting an informed ballot due to language barriers, and because Spanish, French-Créole, Portuguese, and various Native American/Amerindian languages spoken and understood by American communities.
  • Because the right to vote is a precious thing that must never be taken away from anyone; after all, if it weren't important, why then are certain parties so determined to take it away from others?

2) The right to a statewide, universally-standardized paper ballot, presented in reasonably understandable language.

  • Because no citizen should have to contend with poorly-designed ballots.
  • Because no citizen should have to struggle to understand ballot measures.
  • Because uniformity and consistency give rise to consistency and fairness, no matter where someone lives.
  • Because no matter up for public debate should ever be presented in a manner that is hard to understand by the average citizen.

3) The right to cast a ballot either early or in absentia, but no more than three (3) weeks prior to Election Day.

  • Because Election Day should be a federal holiday.
  • Because all citizens should have between the hours of 7:00 am and 9:00 pm to vote, both during Early Voting and on Election Day.
  • Because no citizen should ever be prevented from making their voice heard because they aren't physically present due to infirmity/illness or some other reason.
  • Because all workdays are not created equal, and every step must be taken in order to ensure that as many people can exercise their right to vote as possible.

4) The right to fairly-distributed and modernized voting precincts based according to population.

  • Because no citizen should ever have to wait an hour in order to vote.
  • Because all ballot-counting machines must be as up-to-date and efficient as possible.
  • Because voting shouldn't be a hassle for any citizen, nor should it be something that interferes with daily life any more than is reasonably expected.

5) The right to equal ballot access, public campaign financing, and equal platform presentation by qualified candidates as defined by law.

6) The right to automatic, online, and same-day voter registration upon reaching adulthood (18).

  • Because no citizen should have to register for a right that is already guaranteed.
  • Because no citizen should ever be purged from voter rolls due to inactivity.
  • Because it is the government's responsibility to ensure the citizen's right to vote, and should therefore establish a National Voter Registration Database, tied into a citizen's social security number.
  • Because efficiency should make democracy a friend to all, not a burden to some.

7) The right to a non-partisan election oversight commission tasked with transparent election auditing, and for all votes to be counted prior to the release of election results.

  • Because no citizen should have to endure an election lacking accountability and justice.
  • Because no candidate should ever feel compelled to concede before every vote is counted.
  • Because irregularities and incompetence have seriously damaged the most democratic part of our society—our elections.

8) The right to an automatic runoff election triggered in the event of no popular plurality (50%+).

  • Because elections, no matter the scope, should be determined by a plurality (majority popular vote), not the presence of a potential spoiler.

9) The complete and total abolishment of the Electoral College in presidential elections.


Standardizing Ballots

Ricky commends the manner in which Miami-Dade County designs its ballots (pictured), particularly in the way it presents multiple languages within one streamlined template. 

It is such that Ricky believes this format should become standardized statewide, modifiable according to the candidates themselves within particular precincts, districts, and counties.

Ricky proposes a fourth added to all ballots within the state—Portuguese, effectively assuring that Florida's four major languages—English, Español, Kreyòl Ayisyen (Créole Haïtien), and Português—are represented.

Ricky believes—wholeheartedly—that the manner in which our elections are administered continue to be a laughingstock throughout the developed world, and enough is enough.

It's time for a change, and with the firm establishment of a VOTER'S BILL OF RIGHTS, established by Ricky's proposed VERB Act, will take us there. Let's PASS THE VERB ACT.