Ricky believes in the nationwide development of community land trusts and mutual housing associations.

Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are non-profit organizations that treat land as a public good, not a source of profit. CLTs would promote the development of affordable housing, create local jobs, give residents a permanent say in how public resources are used, and develop community spaces throughout the area like parks and clinics.

Mutual Housing Associations (MHAs) are nonprofit, community-based organizations that own and manage housing. They are democratically governed by low-income renters, and support community organizing on an ongoing basis. Checks and balances are built into MHA structures to ensure a balance of power between residents and the public.

Fair Housing

The time has come for residents to control the destiny of their housing situations, and I believe in an America that intends to do everything they can to ensure that no one is unable to find affordable housing, regardless of income, class, level of education, race, sexual orientation, genetic information, or national origin. 

It's time to make housing fair and just once and for all.