I Need Your Help.

A Better World Is Possible

A More Compassionate World: Society For All

I believe in an America where every human being is entitled to the following inalienable rights:

  • The right to life, liberty, safety, and privacy;
  • The right to a clean, safe, and healthy environment;
  • The right to seek refuge from foreign oppression and danger;
  • The right to citizenship and equal protection under the law;
  • The right to fair, swift, and representative justice under the law;
  • The right to freely and peacefully assemble;
  • The right to freely practice religious faith (or none at all);
  • The right to universal health care services;
  • The right to a universal public education;
  • The right to own property and pursue enterprise;
  • The right to freely and peacefully travel;
  • The right to freedom of petition, expression and thought;
  • The right to participate in free, fair, direct, and open elections;
  • The right to work under equitable and satisfactory conditions;
  • The right to collectively bargain and be free from exploitative labor; and
  • The right to social insurance, pension services, and a dignified wage.

I believe in an America where these are inalienable rights, that all living human beings deserve them, and that these rights and freedoms must apply to everyone, without regard to race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, income, genetic information, disability status, national origin, religious belief (or lack thereof), and social or citizenship status.

A Healthier World: Health Care For All

I believe in an America that understands that no citizen—male, female, or gender nonconforming—should ever be denied access to quality public health care, regardless of income or class, and that health care is a universal human right that must never be abridged by anyone. No American or taxpaying resident should ever have to worry about expensive medical bills again. 

I believe in an America that strongly supports and administers a comprehensive universal public health care system, as well as a wide-open marketplace for private health insurance plans. The time has come for the American Health Care system to abandon--once and for all--its culture and practice of choosing profits over the general welfare of its people.

I believe that a woman's health care decisions are just that--her own. In what many Americans believe is a free society, a woman's right to make important health care decisions concerning what is happening to her body is one that must not be abridged beyond what is already settled law.

America cannot move forward if we continue to place lawmaking power in the hands of those that are hellbent on abridging these long-settled health care rights, at the behest of a cheap campaign donation spike or religious appeasement. The Supreme Court has spoken, and I believe in an America that puts this wasteful legislative battle to rest, once and for all.

I believe in an America where health care is a social responsibility that all citizens and taxpaying residents have a hand in upholding for one another, through the hard work and entrepreneurialism that makes us great. I believe in universal health care for all.

A More Educated World: Knowledge For All

I believe in an America that strives for a vibrant education system that educates students to the point of knowledge and enlightenment, not to the demands of a generic standardized test. Today, we are not doing enough to celebrate the unique talents of our children.

I believe in an American educational system that maximizes the learning and earning potential of every student, and rejects the idea that certain students can afford to be left behind while others succeed; a system that prepares American children and young adults for a rapidly changing global economy, and one that values the importance of multilingualism

Most of all, I believe in an America that affirms the doctrine that an education, like health care, is a basic human right, from birth through university or trade school. No one's birth or social status should ever have to dictate their learning potential in America, especially in 2017.

A More Just World: Solidarity For All

I believe in an America that fights to ensure justice for all, not just a privileged few; an America that is not afraid to declare to the world that yes, Black Lives Matter, and establish an economic, judicial, and social environment that properly reflects this claim. 

The time has come--now, more than ever--for this great nation to come to terms with the damaging lingering social, economic, and legal effects of the African Holocaust, known to the history books as the Transatlantic Slave Trade. America must face a reckoning over these atrocities.

I believe in an America that acknowledges the disastrous effects of colonial imperialism on subjugated native peoples and works to exact the same justice afforded to its own residing within its borders; an America that is not afraid to declare war on poverty, not a war on the impoverished, for societies are judged by how they treat the least of their own, not the wealthiest, most privileged, or most successful. We must bring justice to the downtrodden.

I believe in an America that fields a culturally diverse, well-trained, transparent, and accountable police force in its communities, one that contributes to the peace and safety of all people, citizen or alien, in a way that builds up the community, not destroys it. Our communities are safer when community authorities are accountable and just.

This America is made great with a police culture that respects, protect, and defends the rights of citizens and aliens; an America with police officers that treat the use of force—excessive or otherwise—as a last resort after all options are exhausted, not as an easy option; and most of all, an America that fields police officers that reflect the communities they are sworn to protect, serve, respect, and cooperate with.

I believe in an America that stands opposed enough to the epidemic of mass incarceration to be willing to reform its prison system into one that emphasizes rehabilitation over punitive treatment; an America that believes that its children—and the children of the world as a whole—are its future's heartbeat, and rejects any measures calling that into question.

I believe in an America that boasts a compassionate, yet fair system of immigration; one that holds true to the longstanding hospitality of America's first and true inhabitants--the Amerindian People. I believe in an America that does not shut the door of opportunity to those fleeing foreign oppression, but welcomes the stranger seeking refuge at our doorstep. 

In these trying times, I believe in an America that builds bridges to welcome strangers into our changing society, not walls keeping innocent children and families out. 

No human being is illegal.

A More Sustainable World: Energy For All

I believe in an America that treasures its natural resources, an America that understands the delicate balance that sustains our environment, and will stop at nothing to preserve this wonderful land that it calls its own, by also acknowledging the realities of man-made climate change and its disastrous effects on the world, and working to stem its catastrophic rampage throughout vulnerable regions on our planet. We cannot ignore this threat anymore.

I believe in an America that, in treasuring its natural resources, understands that the only way to preserve a sustainable future for generations to come is through sustainable growth and energy production, through the use of renewable energy resources like the sun, the earth, and the unpolluted oceans, the latter holding the source of all life on Earth—water.

A More Perfect Union: Prosperity For All

I believe in an America where we, the people, decide to take control of our government—and by extension, our economy—in a way where prosperity flows upward, rejecting the notion where power flows down to us citizens from City Hall at the behest of an outdated oligarchic system. America needs to become a place where consumer rights are prioritized over the ambitions of major corporations and financial institutions.

I believe in an America where its political leadership serves the public’s needs—not the other way around—and reflects our collective values of compassion, selflessness, and shared prosperity, not those of the privileged few among us with deep pockets. America needs to become a place where we, the people, decide our leaders and the effects of our political systems, where we, the people, decide what changes and what doesn’t.

I believe in an America that does not place the fate of elections in the hands of millionaires, billionaires, and corporations. We must demand that all legitimate candidates must have an equal voice on the campaign trail, and an electoral system that reflects the will of the majority. Elections affect the public at large, therefore I believe that campaigns must be bound by public funding.

I believe in an America with leaders duty-bound to answer and be accountable to its people and its people alone; an America that raises up and elects only candidates deemed most fit to represent its citizens’ interests as a whole, and not the interests of large corporations or a privileged few. Corporations are not people, and never will be.

I believe in an America that believes in a bright future for itself, and therefore strives to ensure that its citizens are safe, healthy, secure, educated, and engaged in its political process. The right to vote must never be abridged or restricted under any circumstances, and those among us that have paid their debt to society must have their civic voices restored at the booth. Let us guarantee early voting to all Americans and establish, once and for all, Election Day as a federal holiday.

Above all, I believe in an America that understands that the loudest voice heard, the one true influential factor in our elections, is the one coming from we, the people. 

All power to the people.


In these confusing times we live in, this is a very fair question to ask.

We must remember the movements of the past and apply their truths. When we are kept apart, we are weak. When we organize, form collectives, and become a union of citizens determined to change the status quo, we become strong--stronger even than the very powers that want us to remain apart. 

Organizing and showing solidarity with our neighbor is one of the most important things we can do, but there remains so much more to accomplish before achieving our shared vision. We must unite.

We must rise from the ashes of an oligarchic plutocracy to restore prosperity to the everyday American and stranger within our gates. We must remember that we are stronger together, never apart.

We must use our collective voices to demand change. We must refuse to be silenced. We must take action and make them remember where the real power lies--in the ballot box. They know this well.

Will you join us in this fight for a radically better tomorrow

The choice is yours.


I know, this might be a lot to take in all at once. Let's talk about it. You know what to do.

I Need Your Help.