Ending Imperialism


Ricky believes the time has come to put an end, once and for all, to the scourge of American imperialism as we know it. We cannot continue to inject ourselves into foreign affairs not concerning us.

Foreign Trade


Ricky believes in fair and free trade between the United States and the rest of the world. We cannot continue to exploit the world's resources for corporate profit.

Middle East Peace


Ricky believes that an end to war in the Middle East is possible within our lifetimes. Relationships between us, Iran, Israel, Palestine, and every other Middle Eastern nation must improve as soon as possible.

Caribbean Relations


Throughout history, America's relations with the Caribbean have been marked with imperialism, controversy, and exploitation, particularly with the Republic of Haiti, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. Finally, it is time to right our wrongs.



The African continent has blessed the world in ways we cannot even begin to imagine; Ricky believes we must work to strengthen amicable relations with African nations and help them establish a path to self-sustainability.

Honoring Our Troops


Ricky is fed up with the cliché narrative of honoring the troops while ex-servicemen and women continue to be homeless on streets all around the country. We are not doing nearly enough right by them.