Early Childhood


We must set an academic tone early. The earlier we begin teaching our children the foundational principles of civic life, the easier it is for them to embrace and practice them upon maturity.

Language Arts/Literature


Children, more than other age groups, are ideally-suited to learn languages; knowing multiple languages from a young age give rise to more dynamic thinkers and communicators.

Civics/Social Studies


From the beginning, our children must truly know our history, absent nationalist biases, and embrace the importance of historical fluency and the need for active civic engagement.

Life Skills & Sciences


Scientific literacy and responsibility are paramount to a better future; our children must understand crucial sciences as well as the sciences. Better tools make better builders.

Arts Appreciation


Knowledge is nothing without an environment where creativity is encouraged within the minds of our youth. Our new education must involve an vibrant appreciation of the creative arts.

Honors Academ(ies)


Without practice, knowledge is vanity. We must build academies and apprenticeships during school for students to properly hone the craft which we are teaching them. Not  later, now.