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Nunca mais perca outra eleição!

Florida: Early Voting Is Underway!

Election Protection

Defend your neighbor's right to vote!

Défendez le droit de vote de votre voisin!

¡Defiende tus derechos de voto!

Defann dwa vwazen ou!

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What Do You Believe?

Do you know where you stand?

Quelles sont vos convictions politiques?

¿Cuáles son sus creencias políticas?

Ki sa kwayans politik ou ye?

Quais são suas crenças políticas?

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Soyez prêt à voter le jour des élections!

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Prepare w pou vote nan Jou Eleksyon an!

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What Does Solidarity Look Like?

"Every election is determined by the people who show up."

Larry J. Sabato, Pendulum Swing

Friend, it is no longer a secret that we live in an America that largely doesn't represent the interests of the American people, and our current situation is a result of a combination of various societal injustices--systemic and environmental racism, class warfare, voter suppression, voter apathy, and so on

Make no mistake--this is a violation of our civil rights, and it continues brazenly before us today. It happens because we don't know enough about what's happening around us. It's on us to change this.

But enough is enough. It's time to put a stop to politically tone-deaf policies that continue to hold us back from prospering in this economy, one that should serve everyone in it, not just a privileged few

You've heard this story before. 

Only you, reading this message, can change it. Register to vote as early as you can, and get involved!

Every vote counts. Every. Single. One. It's in your hands now

Take that first step above, and thank you for getting involved!

"Don't ever let anyone trick you into thinking that your involvement in elections doesn't matter."

Ricky J. Marc

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Thank You For Making Your Voice Heard!

Voting is one of the most important things we can do to effect real change in our community. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas about voter registration, let him know. We'll work it out together.

Ricky Needs Your Help.