Climate Change


Ricky believes we must finally acknowledge the realities of man-made climate change and work to stem its catastrophic rampage throughout vulnerable regions on our planet. We cannot ignore this threat anymore.

Environmental Diplomacy


Ricky believes that America must lead by example on the global stage, demanding tough action on environmental intrusions and an end to nuclear energy development. We must build upon the Paris Agreement.

Renewable Energy


Ricky believes that the only way to preserve a sustainable future is through sustainable growth and renewable energy production, through the use of resources like the sun, the earth, and the unpolluted oceans.

State & National Parks


Ricky believes in the importance of our state and national parks, as a key component of mental health and environmental preservation. These precious lands must never be compromised. No more oil drilling.

Protecting Flora & Fauna


Ricky believes that it is possible to live alongside wildlife, many of whom appeared on Earth before we did. We must halt man-made extinctions and do all we can to restore endangered wildlife populations.

Clean Infrastructure


Ricky believes that we must fully commit to transitioning to clean transportation. The United States of America must establish a clean energy grid with solar-electric public transit and automobile standards.