Justice For All

Injustice, inherent in a system designed to benefit only a privileged few, is rampant throughout America. We must face our wretched past and end systemic inequality.

Health Care For All

Health care should not be a profit-driven industry in this country. Obamacare was a step in the right direction, but not nearly enough. Universal health care is overdue in America.

Education For All

Only the elites benefit from an ignorant, divided general public. When Americans don't have enough knowledge and education, they can easily be manipulated for profit. 

Prosperity For All

A prosperous America is an America where the will of an engaged, informed public knows what's best needed for their land to prosper, where everyone's rights are respected.

Labor Rights For All

There is no reason any American making minimum wage should have to struggle to afford housing, food, or an education. It's time for an American Workers' Bill of Rights.

Nature For All

Renewable energy is the future, and the powers that be fear that this will hurt their bottom line. We must respect the earth and stop selfishly draining her precious resources for profit.

A New Bill Of Rights

Ricky believes in an America where every human being is entitled to the following inalienable rights:

Ricky believes in an America where these are inalienable rights, that all living human beings deserve them, and that these rights and freedoms must apply to everyone, without regard to race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, income, genetic information, disability status, national origin, religious belief (or lack thereof), and social or citizenship status.

Solidarity In Action

But there's more to a people's social movement than a mere list of beliefs. 

Let's break it down.

Chapter 1: Justice For All

Chapter 2: Education For All

Chapter 3: Prosperity For All

Chapter 4: Health Care For All

Chapter 5: Nature For All

Chapter 6: Diplomacy For All

Chapter 7: Economics For All

It's time for America to focus on policy again.

Are You Ready To Bring Change?

What Do We Do Now?

In these confusing times we live in, this is a very fair question to ask. We must remember the movements of the past and apply their truths. When we are kept apart, we are weak.

When we organize, form collectives, and become a union of citizens determined to change the status quo, we become strong--stronger even than the very powers that want us to remain apart. 

Organizing and showing solidarity with our neighbor is one of the most important things we can do, but there remains so much more to accomplish before achieving our shared vision.

We must unite. We must rise from the ashes of an oligarchic plutocracy to restore prosperity to the everyday American and stranger within our gates. We must remember that we are stronger together, never apart.

We must use our collective voices to demand change. We must refuse to be silenced. We must take action and make them remember where the real power lies--in the ballot box. They know this well.

Will you join us in this fight for a radically better tomorrow

The choice is yours.

Ricky Needs Your Help.