Health Care: A Human Right


Health care is a universal human right that must never be abridged by anyone, plain and simple. No one, under any circumstances, should ever be denied access to quality public care. Lives are now at stake in America.

Universal Health Care


It's time for the United States of America to establish a comprehensive universal public health care system, and Ricky will support any reasonable measure that takes us there as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Solidarity With Nurses


Ricky believes that America's nurses make up the backbone of the nation's health care system. They deserve our solidarity, respect, and attention, and must never be forgotten, neither at work, nor on Pay Day.

Reproductive Health Care


Ricky believes that a woman's health care decisions are her own to make. It's a very basic principle—her body, her rules, her right to chose. This is liberty demonstrated, and America must tolerate nothing less.

Health Care Education


Health care in America is nothing without an educated populace to administer it. Ricky believes in properly preparing our young people for the industry, beginning with comprehensive sex education in school.

The War on Drugs


Ricky believes it's time to put a stop to the failed War on Drugs, which has ravaged communities of color for decades and has done nothing to curb substance abuse as we know it.

Health Care: A Human Right

Ricky believes in an America that understands that no citizen—male, female, or gender nonconforming—should ever be denied access to quality public health care.

This comprehensive health care must be guaranteed to everyone, regardless of income or class. Health care is a universal human right that must never be abridged by anyone. 

The United States of America is the wealthiest country in the world, and there is no doubt, Ricky believes, that it can afford to fully cover its citizens.

No American or taxpaying resident should ever have to worry about expensive medical bills, nor should anyone ever have to go into debt because of an adverse medical situation.


The time has come for the United States to establish the best health care system in the world, beginning with the codified establishment of an AMERICAN HEALTH CARE BILL OF RIGHTS, complete with the following affirmations:

The right to state-funded, comprehensive, high-quality Universal Health Care.

The right to be treated with equality, dignity, and respect, without regard to religion, culture, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, class, income, age, disability, national origin, or marital status.

The right to seek consultation with a physician of choice, and urgent care services.

The right to be treated with full confidentiality, with records access limited to those involved in care or expressly designated by the patient or legal proxy/guardian.

The right to refuse medical treatment even if recommended by physician(s).

The right to be informed about a relevant medical condition, related risks and benefits of treatment and appropriate alternatives.

The right to comprehensive reproductive and contraceptive health care services.

The right to refuse third-party interference in medical care, and to have confidence that such acts of refusal will not result in third-party-related penalties for either patients or physicians.

The right to comprehensive end-of-life care.

Ricky believes in an America that strongly supports and administers a comprehensive universal public health care system. The time has come for the American health care system to abandon—once and for all—its culture and practice of choosing profits over the general welfare of its people. It is a travesty that the United States of America remains the sole industrialized nation in the Western World that fails to guarantee health care to everyone living within its borders.

Health care ought to formally fall under the federal government's responsibility to preserve the general welfare of the people residing within its borders, and away from yet another means by which big corporations can enrich themselves. Public health and wellness should not be a profitable industry, but a lifelong service from prenatal through end-of-life care.

In this day and age, it just doesn't make any sense for America to be freely willing to essentially print money in order to further engorge the Military Industrial Complex, but then claim it is either "impossible" or "too expensive" to ensure that no American is able to be given the health care that they so desperately need due to insurance technicalities. Families should never have to worry about whether a doctor "accepts their insurance plan." We must catch up with the world.

Ricky believes in an America where health care is a social responsibility that all citizens and taxpaying residents have a hand in upholding for one another, through the hard work and entrepreneurialism that makes us great. Whether someone is employed or not should [and will] not determine anyone's access to health care. Ricky believes in universal health care for allperiod.

Treatment Options

Let's be clear about the sort of treatment within this new universal health care system:

  • Ambulatory Care
  • Dental Care
  • Dermatological Care
  • Diagnostic Care
  • Disability Care
  • Emergency Care
  • Gender-Affirming Care
  • Inpatient/Outpatient Care
  • Intensive Care
  • Maternity Care
  • Mental Health/Palliative Care
  • Pediatric Care
  • Preventative Care
  • Rehabilitative Care
  • Reproductive Health Care
  • Senior/Hospice Care
  • Surgical Care
  • Vision Care

Ricky believes that a woman's health care decisions are just thather own. In what many Americans believe is a free society, a woman's right to make important health care decisions concerning what is happening to her body is one that must not be abridged beyond what is already settled law. 

This includes access to birth control, abortions, and any other necessary medical need. The time has come for government to put an end to legislation governing the inside of a woman's body, and to pass legislation granting her the means by which she can better care for it.

America cannot move forward as a society if we continue to place lawmaking power in the hands of those that are hellbent on abridging these long-settled health care rights, at the behest of a cheap campaign donation spike or religious appeasement

Enough Is Enough

The Supreme Court has spoken on this matter, and Ricky believes in an America that puts this wasteful legislative battle to rest, once and for all.

Ricky believes that the United States has the potential to become the healthiest country in the world and a gold standard for health management, and this begins with education.

As previously stated elsewhere, an uneducated population is a weak one. Ricky believes that all Americans should be well-informed on health care, beginning with sex education and access to sanitation products in school, through higher learning addressing sexually-transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS and syphilis.

As a country, Ricky believes, we owe it to all people living within these boards to make this information readily available to all those that seek it, and it must be included in our school programs. Children must understand the nuances of health and wellness.

Telling The Truth

Sex education in schools is crucial to the development of our youth. It's time to do away, once and for all, with the failed idea that standardized abstinence programs are an adequate solution to the increase of pregnancies and spread of STDs among teenagers.

Ricky believes in the power and importance of America's nurses. They are the ones carrying the greatest load in hospitals and other medical settings, engaging directly with patients, and administering treatment, likely on the orders of a physician or physician's assistant. As a community, we do not appreciate these hardworking members of the medical field enough.

With that in mind, Ricky believes that we need more nurses and more programs better preparing them for the workforce. Along with additional investments in our national health care system, Ricky believes we must further support programs that encourage additional nurses in our hospitals, clinics, and schools, as well as including them within our larger labor reform proposals. 

A stronger, better-equipped nurseforce is a stronger, better American health care system. An improved American health care system can be built, one piece after another, but it must begin with the way our nurses are treated, paid, scheduled, trained, and respected. Our nurseforce is the backbone of our health care system here in America, and we must stop at nothing to make sure that is properly recognized.

A Stronger Nurseforce

All around the country, nurses are understaffed, underpaid, and underappreciated, and it is no accident that they have been striking en masse. After careful review, our broken health care system gives them ample justification.

We must better stand with and for nurses' rights in America. They mean more to our collective care than we could ever imagine at face value, and at the end of the day, like everyone else Ricky fights for, they are human beings seeking a dignified life.

Ricky believes in an America that, for once and for all, puts an end to the failed War on Drugs. It is clear that this failed law enforcement initiative disproportionately affects communities of color, incarcerating millions of African and Hispanic-Americans throughout the years. Any and all substance abuse situations must not be treated as a crime, but as a health issue in need of medical attention

We must establish a radical new drug policy. It's time to decriminalize and regulate recreational cannabis use, and all incarcerated individuals there for non-violent cannabis use should be freed and see their records wiped clean. It's time to move forward, whether the profit-driven pharmaceutical industry likes it or not. Lives are at stake in this country.

Ricky will support any legislative measure that:

  • Decriminalizes, taxes, and regulates the safe sale and use of cannabis;
  • Retroactively expunges any and all non-violent cannabis-related criminal records; and 
  • Redirects any and all public revenues towards the continued development of a universal health care system, tuition/debt-free higher education, and further public services.

A History Lesson

Many currently illegal products, such as cannabis, opium, coca, and psychedelics have been used for thousands of years for both medical and spiritual purposes. 

So why are some drugs legal and other drugs illegal today? Learn more HERE.